Garden and Pond lighting Durham, North East


Wet conditions and contact with the ground means that the risk of injury or death from electric shock is much greater outdoors than when using electrical equipment indoors. TNC offer a full, safe garden and pond electrical service to make your garden come to life at night.

The risk of electric shock is higher when there is water about. Incorrectly installed or damaged mains supplied pumps can result in injury to you, your family or even your fish. A mains supplied electric water pump in the garden should be of good quality, protected by an RCD and tested at least every 3 months, installed in accordance with manufacturers' instructions and maintained in good working order.

Garden lighting is commonplace, but can create a safety risk if not properly installed. For mains supplied lighting in the garden you should first of all buy good quality outdoor lighting equipment that is suitable for outdoor use. Make sure that light fittings in water features are waterproof and check regularly for damage. You should also keep electrical equipment regularly maintained.

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