Mains Board Changes Durham, North East


The most common type of protective fuse in domestic premises is BS3036. If you live in an old house or one that hasn't had it's electricity supply updated in a long time you may have a BS3036 re-wireable fuse board. These old fuseboards are very dangerous when operating under fault conditions as the fuse element sometimes splashes as it melts causing hot copper to spray around nearby objects. Hot copper falling on certain materials can cause fire.

TNC Electrical Services have a team of qualified electricians who can upgrade your existing fuseboard to a fully compliant 17th edition board and issue all the current certificates which means you have the peace of mind that your home is now electrically safe and sound.

If your fusebox has a wooden back, contains cast iron switches, or a mixture of fuses it is likely that it dates back to before the 1960s and will need to be replaced. Some advantages of upgrading the board are:

  • Switches off in milliseconds, not seconds
  • Excellent protection against fires
  • If a circuit breaker did ever trip you have the ease of just flicking the switch back to its on position
  • Gives indirect and direct protection for shock
  • No more need to buy fuse wire.
  • The whole of your electrical installation will be protected by a Residual Current Device (RCD). These are switches that trip a circuit under dangerous conditions and instantly disconnect the electricity.

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