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At TNC we can help nursing staff by overseeing repair jobs as and when they happen, showing them how to check fire alarms so that weekly tests are carried out and make recommendations for areas requiring remedial work.

We offer a free site visit in which we attend the Nursing Home to make an initial assessment. We can provide advice about any potential faults and plan a yearly maintenance schedule.

When updating bedrooms or doing refits, we can help by working with the Nursing Home to ensure the resident's safety. We understand that the option of closing is not realistic and we offer an out of hour service.

In order to comply with council requirements and ensure resident safety, testing of fixed wiring is required on a five yearly basis. Without this, many insurance companies will either refuse to issue insurance – or worse still, refuse a claim in the event of an incident. Apart from providing this service, we can also hold the certificate for you. Next time your copy disappears in the Manager's office, don't turn the office upside down – just give us a call.

All emergency lights in Nursing Homes should be inspected every 6 months, with a full three hour test done on an annual basis. In order to comply with BS7671, it is essential that emergency lights provide sufficient light for working. They should come on when the main power fails or are turned on at the board with a key switch. In many older homes, the emergency lights do not meet these standards. This means that if there is a trip on the main circuit, the emergency lights would fail to work. We can check compliance with BS 7671 and carry out any remedial work required.

We can provide staff training in the use of the fire alarm and offer support in the event of a fault developing. Fire alarms should be tested on a weekly basis and the findings recorded in a log book. It is also important that night staff know how to operate the fire alarm and what to do in the event of a fault developing. We can provide a comprehensive testing service. This is usually done on a three monthly basis and includes checking that smoke detectors, strobes and door closers are all functioning correctly. We also check alarm sound levels and the presence of dust in the detectors (which may result in false alarms) and analyse any fault patterns since the last visit.

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