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TNC's team of CCTV installers can help secure your home or business with a full, professional CCTV installation. We supply and install CCTV and monitoring systems for all of our customers.

Analogue CCTV has been on the market for many years now and there is a lot of equipment to choose from. Analogue CCTV equipment is a tried and tested field and reliability is excellent. Whilst not matching the newer HD-SDI CCTV & IP CCTV equipment in a few areas, an Analogue CCTV installation is currently, and will be for a good few years to come, an excellent choice for many customers.

HD-SDI stands for ‘HD Serial Digital Interface’ and was originally developed for the HDTV market. It is currently the most efficient way to deliver HD quality CCTV images without any loss. HD-SDI CCTV is an excellent choice for new CCTV systems and it can utilise existing coaxial cable found in more traditional analogue CCTV systems, it is perfect to use as a way to upgrade old systems. A hybrid HD DVR is also perfect for upgrading a system so that ‘critical’ areas are can benefit from HD Megapixel cameras whilst less important areas can retain standard analogue cameras.

IP CCTV can be, in some scenarios the most suitable CCTV option by a large margin. Within buildings that already has structured network cabling, IP CCTV negates the need for any new major cable installations, and could potentially reduce the costs when compared to Analogue or HD-SDI CCTV. Expanding an IP CCTV system is easy to do from a cabling point of view so long as the existing network is in place.

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